Unforgettable Work Picnic Catering For Guelph

When the summer hits in Guelph, it can feel like it is a completely different city. When the sun’s out, it’s only natural that you should be too. However, that desire to spent days lounging in the park, by the river or planning weekend trips to the beach are not always compatible with a 9 to 5 working environment. In fact, they can often lead to clashes and reduced productivity as staff’s minds are understandably elsewhere. To combat this fear of missing out on all that a Guelph summer has to offer, many companies and businesses are now investing in weekly, bi-weekly and even monthly work picnics. A work picnic is the perfect way to end a working week and usher in the weekend, and the prospect of an afternoon spent chatting with co-workers in the sun can often increase productivity during the rest of the week. However, isn’t it a lot of work to organize a picnic. If you choose smartly then the answer to this question is a resounding no.

At Platters Catering & Events, we are experts at work picnics. Whatever theme that you are looking for, we can deliver it without any drama or fuss. Our chefs, catering staff and event planners possess years of experience and know how to create a picnic that will live long in the memory. What’s more, our competitive prices and convenient central location mean that we can work cater to all types of budget and schedules.

Unique Picnics for Less

Everyone loves a great picnic but at Platters Catering & Events we also respect the need to adhere to budgets. After all, in any business the bottom line is extremely important. When you hire us for your Guelph picnic, you can rest assured that we will deliver exactly what we promised, for the price we promised. We are not in the habit of presenting nasty surprises to our clients and we don’t intend to start now. On top of that, the years of experience that we have built-up working in this industry has thought a thing or two about not wasting resources. For us, a top-quality picnic and a balanced budget should not be mutually exclusive. When it comes to corporate catering, we provide an unrivalled service.

Catering to Businesses of All Shapes and Sizes

Platters Catering & Events is one of the leading outdoor and work picnic specialists in Guelph. The skill and experience that we have acquired from years of working in the professional catering environments mean that we can deliver the perfect work picnic for you and your staff. Irrespective as to whether you are a small printing company with a handful of employees or a law firm with hundreds, we can ensure that you will receive an impeccable service that will leave your staff and clients longing for more.