Drop off Catering in the Guelph, Kitchener, Cambridge and Surrounding Areas

Music: check. Activities and games: check. Decorations: check. Food: hmm.

Food is, arguably, the most important aspect of a party. It is capable of establishing a mood, enhancing a theme, and encouraging your partygoers to mingle. But, unfortunately, deciding on a menu can be stressful, preparing a large quantity of food in a small kitchen can be tough, and knowing exactly how much to prepare can be tricky. If you feel like you’ve bitten off more than you can chew and are worried that you will disappoint your guests, allow us to be of some assistance.

Platters Catering & Events has provided top-of-the-line drop off catering to the people of Kitchener and the surrounding areas for many years. Our staff aims to keep things convenient for you. As many of our previous clients can attest to, we always arrive on time, our menu offers a wide range of delicious foods, and our rates are competitive.

What is the difference between drop off catering and regular catering?

For drop off catering, food is delivered cooked and ready to serve to you at the premises at the arranged time. For regular catering, our service staff assembles the food on the premises and stays for the duration of the event to serve your guests, monitor the food, and clean up after your party.

Why should I go with drop off catering?

There are many reasons to go with drop off catering. For one, it allows you to have total control over your party – you choose when and how you’d like to serve your guests. If need be, Platters Catering & Events will provide you with re-heating instructions so you can enjoy our food at a later time. Secondly, drop off catering will save you a significant amount of money since you are only paying for the food and not paying for a wait staff.

Is there a drop off fee?

There is no additional drop off fee however there are additional fees such as a Service charge, Fuel Surcharge and of course HST.

Does Platters Catering & Events provide drop off catering for all types of events?

Yes, many people believe that drop off catering is only used for informal events such as backyard birthday parties or graduation celebrations, but this simply isn’t true. More and more, people in the Kitchener area are turning to drop off catering for more lavish events such as wedding receptions and rehearsal dinners. The reason is simple: drop off catering can help to keep you within budget, which will allow you to splurge on other things such as décor and entertainment.