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Catering is something that brings people together. Sure, it’s something that most of your guests expect, whether you’re hosting a business luncheon or a celebratory family reunion—after all, everyone needs to eat! But food is about more than that.

There’s a reason that across human history and in many different cultures, the importance of sharing a good meal with friends or strangers is viewed as something special. That’s because it is. Eating in common forms bonds that aren’t so easy to break.

When you hear the word family what comes to mind? The people you love and count on. But where does that image come to mind? I bet for most of you reading this, it’s around a dinner table. See what I mean?

It’s this passion for food—and how it connects individuals and cultures—that led us to get our start in the food service industry. It’s what keeps us trying new delicious recipes to perfect for our clients. And it’s why we have risen to the top as the best caterers in Kitchener for business or personal functions alike.

Here at Platters Catering and Events, we take pride in elevating any occasion, big or small, into a striking sensory experience. From fixed menus to customized dishes, trust in the fact that creating excellent food is just the first step of many towards curating an unforgettable event. At Platters Catering, we sit down with you to discuss the ways to produce the experience you want - making sure that the food, environment, and event carries the touch of each individual client. From wedding receptions and private parties, to baby showers and charity events, we guarantee that our roster of experienced and talented staff will transform your Kitchener event into an exceptional experience, time and time again.

Catering Services We Offer

Our dedication to fresh ingredients and flawless service has been recognized across the Kitchener area since our inception. Here are a few ways in which our experts can help you to plan and organize your perfect corporate, or personal event:

  • Corporate Catering: From savoury and sweet platters, to full-service, on-site catering, we have an extensive menu that will cater to all your needs of each individual employee or client.Check out our menu online and dream up a spread your guests will love. Need substitutions? Have guests with dietary restrictions? No problem. Nearly everything is made in-house. Just let us know well in advance of your event and we’ll do our utmost to keep things delicious and safe for everybody.
  • Bar Services: From full host bar services to cash bar services, trust in our skilled team of certified bartenders and wait staff to create the best, tastiest drinks to match of theme of your event. From tiki-themed blowouts to white-tie affairs featuring some of the best Ontario wines, our skilled sommeliers can find the juice that gets your party flowing. And we offer a wide variety of pricing options to meet the needs of your functions, from the ever popular ‘Toonie Bar’ to cash bar to full wine service.
  • Wedding Catering: From banquet menus to specialised meals for allergy-sensitive guests, our skilled chefs will curate your reception menu to suit your specific taste and style. Start off with a scheduled menu tasting with one of our talented consultants to begin building the service of your dreams. We excel in providing three-course plated service for weddings and other special events. Or try out our fun and interactive culinary marche stations, including a carvery station, a pasta bar, a design-your-own-sundae stand, or a popcorn machine! Set the stage for an evening to remember with truly unforgettable food. The best part? We’ve got years of experience catering for weddings in Kitchener-Waterloo and have built up a network of trusted industry partners. Need a referral to make your special day even more special? Give us a call!
  • Drop Off Catering: For smaller events, drop off catering provides fresh meals delivered right to your door. Cooked and ready to serve on the premise at an arranged time, drop off catering is the best choice for a busy Kitchener host.
  • Office Lunch Catering: For the office without a cafeteria or viable restaurants in or around the area, look no further than office lunch catering. Specifically designed for the workplace, choose from our wide selection of healthy, vitamin-rich meals to get you through your workday. We have vegetarian- and vegan-friendly options and can work around any allergies, intolerances, or religious dietary restrictions. There’s no reason for anyone in the workplace to feel left out of your next function!
  • Picnic Catering: Head outdoors and take advantage of our picnic catering! Whether you have hot dogs and burgers on the brain, or something more refined in mind, we can assist you with site selection, layout, décor, as well as delivering the food or providing a full service.
  • Boxed Lunches: Delivered right to your office, our boxed lunches option offers a variety of unique and traditional sandwiches and wraps - as well as a wide selection of vegetarian options to choose from.

Christmas Catering With Platters Catering & Events

One of Platters Catering & Events best qualities is our ability to satisfy whatever needs our clients have. Our menus are fully customizable and can be altered to suit the tastes of any large group in the Kitchener area. It is incredibly rare for two consecutive events to select the same items off our various menus, as a matter of fact.

Our services are in high-demand year-round, but our professional catering services are most in demand during the holiday season. It is true that Christmas is the most wonderful time of year, but for many of our clients it is also busiest and most action-packed. Companies are working overtime in their offices before Christmas vacation, and parents are frantically shopping for the perfect gifts throughout the Kitchener area and beyond. All the while these people are all probably planning their own Christmas parties for friends, families and co-workers!

Amid all the stresses that come with the holiday season, people call Platters Catering & Events for help. They want to treat their employees or loved ones to high-quality cuisine by Kitchener’s finest without any worries or setbacks. They want variety without ever losing sight of the Christmas spirit. They don’t want to burden themselves or anyone else in their company with the task of cooking for so many people.

After all, it’s Christmas, isn’t it? Shouldn’t you be able to relax just a little?

Platters Catering & Events Christmas Menu

Companies and individuals request our services for holiday parties so often that we decided to make things a little easier for our clients. Platters Catering & Events now has a high-quality Christmas menu filled with festive flavours guaranteed to satisfy any Christmas cravings.

You’ll be able to select from our rice paper spring rolls, marinated chicken satays, shrimp towers, crudités displays and more. Our Christmas dinners even come with mainstays of any home-cooked plate, like rolls with whipped butter, and roast turkey cooked with sage and rosemary.

Don’t worry, these won’t be fast-food versions of beloved classics. At Platters Catering & Events, we take pride in our cooking. The items on our Christmas menu are made with attention and care. You’ll still be able to select from any of our available options—and make requests—but if you feel overwhelmed, the Christmas menu is ready and waiting.

Vegetarian and Gluten-Free Options

Making sure everyone at your event is satisfied can be difficult. In any group of people there can be vegetarians, vegans, and someone who has a severe nut allergy. When you’re trying to cater to both omnivores, those suffering from celiac disease, and people who aren’t fond of red meat, cooking can become very difficult. You wind up having to prepare many different dishes, and you can get overwhelmed quickly.

One of the benefits of working with the professional caterers at Platters Catering & Events is that we have the expertise to prepare our dishes however you wish. Do your guests have dietary restrictions? Not a problem. Just let us know. We make it our mission to accommodate every person who sits down for a Platters-catered meal.

Why Us?

Platters Catering & Events has been known as the go-to catering company in Kitchener-Waterloo and beyond for over 15 years. Our menus are local-inspired and feature fresh flavours and striking taste combinations. We prepare nearly everything in-house. Our price-to-quality ratio cannot be beat by any competitor in Ontario.

If you are looking for a way to transform your Kitchener event into an entertaining and unforgettable experience, look no further than Platters Catering and Events. From high quality, delicious cuisine, to professional and experienced event consultation, trust in the fact that we will leave both you and your clients satisfied and inspired.

Please check out our menus online for a taste of the deliciousness we’ll be sending your way. From mouthwatering desserts to lighter fare for health-conscious foodies, we have the expertise to make your next function be the talk of the town.

Get in touch with us today by phone or email today!