Memorable Graduation Catering Serving Guelph

Whether it is your young son’s graduation from kindergarten or a university graduation for your adult daughter, there is no doubt that completing any rung of the educational ladder is one that needs to be marked with a celebration. Completing any course of study is an achievement that should be marked with a celebration among friends, family and, of course, food!

At Platters Catering & Events we have offered an award-winning graduation catering service for years now, and think that we’ve learned a thing or two along the way. If you want to create the perfect day for someone special in your life, then you need to choose the catering experts you can trust. We have served graduation ceremonies all across Guelph and can guarantee that your loved one’s graduation party will be one that will live long in the memory. Call today to get more information on our wide range of graduation options. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

Important Milestone

Graduations mark an important milestone in your child or loved one’s life and it is important that they are marked in the best way possible. We know that for parents, partners or family members there can be a lot to consider during the weeks leading up to the big day. Why not reduce some of this stress associated with this event by hiring a professionally and award winning Guelph catering company to take care of the food, drink and service?

A graduation party organized by Platters Catering & Events is one that will live long in the memory. With us at the helm you can guarantee that when your friends, family and neighbors gather in your home or back-year to celebrate this momentous day, they will be treated like royalty. When you organize a graduation party with us you automatically save yourself time, stress and money. We remove all the tasks associated with a successful party. Our team will prepare delicious and nutritious meals that will come ready-made to your home. Our catering staff will serve the food, and drink and will ensure that everything other detail is taken care of so that you can focus on spending time entertaining your family and friends.

A Wide Range of Options

At Platters Catering & Events, we know that variety is the spice of life. Having a wide selection of options is often what sets one restaurant apart from another and we believe the same to be true with our catering service. By offering a wide range of in-depth recipes and meal options, we know that we are ensuring that there is something for everyone. Our chefs cater for all types of guests and provide vegan, vegetarian and celiac-friendly options as standard. We offer everything from Italian sausage and vegetarian lasagna to barbeque chicken and potato salad. One thing we can promise is that no matter your preference, out mouth-watering options will be a huge hit.