Fresh and Innovative Product Launch Catering Serving Cambridge

For those working in the tech industry, a product launch can be a vitally important way of generating new business clients and customers. Aside from that, it is a unique and innovative way of putting your best foot forward when it comes to product development and design in your company. For a successful product launch two things are vital: a quality product and unbeatable catering service to help seal the deal. Clients and competitors might come for the product launch and presentation but they often end up staying for the quality of food, drinks and customer service provided.

At Platters Catering & Events, we take immense pride in the quality corporate catering service that we provide and this is no more evident than in the attention to detail that we provide to all our clients’ product launches. Not only will we provide delicious food and refreshing beverage options but we will also work in conjunction with you to ensure that the product being launched is incorporated into the theme of the launch catering service. For us, corporate catering is more than just a job, it’s our passion. It is for that reason that we will leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of catering perfection.

Corporate Catering for Every Occasion

When organizing a product launch there is a number of things that you simply can’t forget. The right ambiance, people and swag are all essential. However, from the catering perspective there are a few essential items that you simply can’t do without. They include:

Meaningful Food

At Platters Catering & Events we take time to ensure that our menus are carefully designed and curated to match your product as well as well as the brand that your company wishes to project. For instance, if your company has ethical or environmental roots, then it would be a good idea to highlight these features in the menu.

All Inclusive Service

As anyone in business can attest to, it is often the little things that make all the difference. This mantra is also true when it comes to catering. A buffet is a solid option but full-service catering is an example of going that extra mile for your clients and customers. As well as high quality food and drink options, Platters Catering & Events also offer décor, entertainment to ensure that your product launch stands out from the crowd.

Unique Specialty Drinks

Platters Catering & Events offers a wide range of beer, wine and cocktails, as well as several soft drink options that will match your brand’s image as well as complementing the theme of your party. We feel that our assortment of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks is the perfect way of ensuring that all colleagues and potential clients receive the most impeccable service possible. At Platters Catering & Events we strive to provide an enhanced service every day. That is why when you invest in us, you can rest assured that your launch will live long in the memory.