Corporate Catering in Cambridge

If you're looking for a catering company you can count on for your corporate event, look no further. Platters Catering & Events provide Cambridge with quality catering services! We offer fresh ingredients, affordable prices and first rate services that will make your company stand out and look great.

Whether you are looking to impress potential/new clients, or perspective employees and higher-ups, look no further for a caterer because Platters Catering is the company for you!

Full Service Catering Package

Are you throwing a corporate luncheon or in the process of organizing a cocktail hour or holiday party and want the food to not only look beautiful but taste great too? Our professional caterers are the experts when it comes to serving ornate and delicious delicacies. Each dish, entrée, appetizer and hors d'oeuvre are created delicately and made to perfection, so that each bite is a sumptuous experience. We offer our corporate catering for the following events:

  • Cocktail hour. Are you looking to recruit new employees, partners or clients? A high-end cocktail hour provided by Platters Catering will most definitely seal the deal.
  • Work holiday party. Show your employees how much you appreciate their efforts by spoiling them with gourmet catering!
  • Luncheons Our scrumptiously addictive appetizers, tasty hors- d'oeuvres and exquisite platter presentations will have everyone feeling perfectly satisfied and energized.
  • Brunch/breakfast. The most important meal of the day! The morning time is ideal for for catered goodies! We offer everything, from hot biscuits and steaming cups of coffee to fresh fruit, delicate pastries and warm croissants. Nothing is a better pick-me up than a beautifully delivered brunch spread.
  • Business meetings. Keep your employees and clients alert during your business meetings with our delicious snacks that will leave everyone feeling fulfilled, but not comatose!
  • Corporate BBQ's. Treat your staff to a good old fashioned cook out with an added tinge of gourmet class! We will provide you with Cambridge's finest fruits, vegetables, cheeses and cuts!
  • And more. Platters Catering is exceptionally innovative when it comes to meal plans, snacks, tapas and more! Hire us for your next corporate event!

Beautiful Presentation and Fresh Ingredients

We believe in delivering superior cuisine and catering services every time, because we want you and your company to get the most out of the Platters foodie experience. When it comes to preparation, we know that food presentation is key, but we also understand that a dish must taste even better than it looks! This is why we only use Cambridge's freshest ingredients and make sure that everything is made from scratch!

Accommodating Dietary Services

Platters Catering provides a mouthwatering menu customized to your liking. We are very accommodating and do our best to take all dietary needs into account and will create a menu based around this. We can supply vegan, vegetarian, gluten, peanut or dairy free dishes too, depending on your specified nutritional restrictions. Impress your staff and clients with our impeccable, efficient and delectable catering services. All of our platters are garnished with wholesome fresh ingredients and a whole lot of TLC.

Why Your Next Corporate Event Needs to Be Catered

Whether you are planning a team-building exercise for the entire staff or you are hosting an event designed to entice new clients, you can’t proceed in good conscience without being backed by a professional catering company. Regardless of the nature of your event, there is no question that everyone in attendance will appreciate that you took the time to make sure that everyone’s appetites were sated.

Corporate events and business meetings can be long, arduous processes and if you have ever attended one that wasn’t catered, you already know that it can really start to drag if the only thing people can focus on is how hungry they are. You don’t want to lose your guests’ interest or decrease their productivity. But most of all, you want people to leave the event with a positive impression of your business.

By offering quality food at your corporate event when it’s catered by Platters Catering has helped a number of Cambridge businesses improve their image, impress their most important clients and sow the seeds of more productive results and improved relationships in the future.

With our creative presentation and unforgettable food, there is no question that everyone in attendance will be grateful they RSVP’d yes to your corporate event.

Another reason why hiring Platters Catering can be such a huge asset to your next corporate event is the unparalleled experience our staff offers. As soon as you call (519) 836-1390 to acquire our corporate catering services, you will have unfettered access to a team of qualified and experienced catering professionals. We will be able to provide you with advice, tips and recommendations as you see fit. Some corporate events only want us to prepare and serve the food, others need some additional consultation. No matter what you need from us, we guarantee that our team will be able to deliver it with the same high quality that our food is known for.

When you are backed by a team of qualified and experienced professionals like the ones we have on staff at Platters Catering, there is no question that your corporate event is going to run smoothly. You won’t have to worry about the food service, freeing you up to network, connect or complete whatever other goals you have in store for your corporate event. Hosting any sort of corporate event can be incredibly stressful. Worry about one less thing when you choose us as your catering company.

Our Reputation

When we started this catering business, our goal has always been to be the best catering company in the Cambridge area. We continue to achieve that with every corporate event we cater, using only the freshest ingredients in our food. We also are proud to boast a team that conducts themselves with the utmost professionalism. The combination of incredible food and courteous staff makes us a delight to work with. Just look at our reviews and see what other people are saying about our corporate catering services.


We guarantee delicious results every time! Platters Catering offers Cambridge full service catering and for more information or to book a tasting please give us a call. We look forward to working with you!